Friday, December 17, 2010

My 100th post

You read the questions, then type you answer into Google Images and then put one of the image representations on your blog. So, here goes....

Age on your next birthday?

Place I would like to visit?

Favorite place?

Favorite object?

Favorite food(s)?

Favorite color(s)?

Favorite animal?

Name of past pet?

Where I live?

1st Grade Teacher?


Middle name?

Animal Shelter =)

Bad habit?

 easily get... 

College major?

Favorite holiday?

*yang ada (s) tu aku tambah sendiri je huhuhu.
 Wanna try? Copy and Paste la apa lagi!


PinQib said...

100 dah. wow. quickk ehe..
sy pun br 300 ++ kot

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Anonymous said...

baru 300++? banyak kot


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