Sunday, November 28, 2010

What happened, Labu??

I wonder why all my new post doesn't appear on my follower's dashboard. My last entry only appears on their blog list. But actually that was the entry I posted a week ago (Hitler's video). I've posted many new entries but it just doesn't come out on their dashboard. They have to check out my blog to see my new entries.

How am I gonna fix this problem huh? Maybe I've change some setting that causes the problem but I checked it and I find nothing's wrong huhuhu I'm not sure also. 

Is there anyone who can help me with this situation? If u ever encounter the same problem like this pls share with me ways to solve it. TQ


Snippet from my follower's Blog List
See? all the same entry I posted a week ago. T_T~


mia bouvier said...

kat dashbod aku pun same.xkuor entry latest.tatau napeww

Rogayah Suparman said...

wohoho y y y?? y is dis happenin to meeee?

amy azuha said...

aha..moon..xpsan taw law entri baru u kuar..

Rogayah Suparman said...

urghh tu la sapal..oyon kite amieee...cmne nak buat ni??


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