Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shed a Tear by Nigahiga

This is the parody version of Rocketeer by Far East Movement. Their vocal is out, but who cares? I am in love with Rocketeer but I had to admit this one is wayyyy cooler than the original one PLUS the lyrics is sooo hilarious.

If you haven't heard of the original version, head to Youtube and search it yourself. Heeee.

Dah nama pon Shed a Tear, it's totally antonym of Rocketeer. Aku suka cara dia. Walaupun video bangang-bangang je, tapi tengok sinematographi dia. Cantik kan?? Mesej dia simple je, you can still be a manly guy, so don't afraid to cry. Lelaki kan makhluk yang sangat ego dan susah nak mengeluarkan ayaq mata. Nak mengaku menangis lagi la susah. Tapi dudes kat dalam video ni over, pijak taik pon nangis, memang nak kena lempang la kalau ada lelaki yang macam ni hahaha. So guys, screw your ego, just cry~~~~

OK here is the lyric;

Here it comes
Can't you see
That we're tough guys and we have feelings.
Take my hand
Close your eyes
With you right here
Imma shed a tear and cry
Don't be afraid to cry cry
You can still be a manly guy guy
Just cry.
Don't be afraid to cry cry
Let it free fall from your eyes eyes


Wake up see a sunrise

Let it free fall from your eyes.
Start my day and I read a sonnet
Got got a soft cheek with a tear on it.
Step out and the skies are clear
I'm a man and I have no fear.
Take a step and I land in crap.
I let it out, no holding back.

Baby we can go out on a first date.
But you come and pick me up half an hour late.
Girl I'm not gonna lie, that you almost made me cry,
But I'm a masculine man ill be ok.
Yeah, your place, toy story 3
the greatest all time kid's movie.
But I forgot, Andy leaves Woody,
And now the tears are coming right back over me.

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