Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What will happen in June?

Farewell May cos June is here. Ok guys, since i'm very excited about month of June.... Heyy wait, I too don't even know why am I so excited (",)?

So, I type on Google about "what happen in month of June" and I found this,

Lunar Eclipses to Happen in June and July
In the late hours of June 15, a lunar eclipse will be visible to the whole world except North America. Between 11:52 p. m. on June 15 and 2:32 a. m. on June 16, the moon will be completely covered by Earth's shadow. 
Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia will be able to see the full eclipse. In South America and Europe, people will be able to view the eclipse early as the moon rises in the sky, and it will be visible as the moon sets in Australia and Asia.
Before June 15, another eclipse will happen that will start on Thursday and end the day before on Wednesday. It will happen in the high Arctic, known as the land of the midnight sun, and will be able to be seen by the northernmost parts of Asia, North America and Europe.
The eclipse will start on June 2 in the northern areas of China and Siberia, and then it will move across the Arctic, across the International Date Line, and end in the early evening on June 1 in the northeastern part of Canada.
One month after this, another lunar eclipse will happen, but it won't be visible to anyone because it will happen in Antarctica, which is below the horizon except for part of Madagascar where no one lives anyway. - 
Subhannallah, this is interesting. I'd never seen a lunar eclipse before where the moon will turned red. Aku akan cuba untuk stay up hari tu untuk menyaksikan kejadian ini. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki boleh la saksikan gerhana bulan buat kali pertamanya sejak dua 3 tahun yang lepas. Hehehe.

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